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I started the Mauriello law firm in 1996, I wanted to take my years of legal experience at big firms and put it to work for ordinary people, mom and pops investors, consumers and to really help the little guy, to provide sophisticated quality legal service to everybody.

One of the most rewarding areas of my practice is helping investors recover money when they have been defrauded.

This is a very specialized area of the law, not a lot of investors or clients know they have recourse when something goes wrong with their investments, they blame themselves they blame the stock markets. Most investment advisors and stock brokers are competent, most are ethical however some are not, … when those investment advisors or stock brokers recommend unsuitable investments or make fraudulent promises, or otherwise harm investors where investors can often lose their nest egg, that's where I come in. and I can evaluate the case, I know what the law is I know how to draft the right arbitration claim or complaint to get results, I know a lot of the firms , I know a lot of the arbitrations and I'm often able to help investors recover retirement savings.

In addition to that I handle consumer class actions, I handle appeals I handle business litigation. I enjoy helping people.

A firm like Mauriello Law firm can offer a senior experienced attorney in all the experiences and skill sets, like myself, 28 years of practice in various federal and state courts all around California and around the nation. A deep broad set of experiences and legal judgement, putting that to work for a client working directly on the case. Your case will not be shunted off to a junior associate to learn by trial and error on that client's case you are getting the judgement of a seasoned attorney. You are also getting personal attention. Your case is not just a case file you are a person, you get personal attention from myself Thomas Mauriello the principal of the firm and you will not be treated like a number you will be treated like a person

You'll be heard and listened to and that's one of the benefits of having a small firm is the feeling that you are getting heard and listened to as well as getting great results for your case.

What is a Consumer Class Action? Video Transcription

One of my primary practice areas is consumer class action. The class action method is a mechanism to level the playing field.

It's a way for consumers who have been injured a little bit financially can band together and assert their rights to recover a small amount of money that ordinarily they wouldn't be able to recover because it wouldn't be economically feasible to hire a lawyer. If you lost fifty dollars through some fraudulent product or service or even five hundred dollars, that's a significant amount of money, but you wouldn't want to sue a major corporation and engage in three years of litigation and pay an attorney over five hundred dollars.

The class members do not pay counsel. They work on a contingency basis.

I've handled cases with some of the finest law firms in the country as co-counsel. And I have a network of other law firms that I work with, and we've gotten great results for consumers in a number of cases.

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