Mauriello Law Firm Resolves Appeal, Shortly After Filing Opening Brief

Representing appellant in an appeal of a $175,000 judgment, the Mauriello Law Firm reached a settlement of the appeal for $26,500. The appeal challenged the award of $175,000 in "cost-of-proof" sanctions awarded to the defendant in a legal malpractice lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court. The sanctions were awarded as costs (including legal fees) of proving matters that the plaintiff had denied in response to requests for admissions served by defendant, which matters were later proved true at trial. The settlement was achieved less than two months after Appellant's opening brief was filed on Christmas Eve 2013, and even before the Respondents filed their opposition appellate brief.

A copy of Appellant's opening brief may be found HERE. The case is Michael Singleton v. Paul Zwerdling, Appeal. No. G048368 (Sup. Ct. Case No. 30-2008-00115857), filed in the California Court of Appeal for the Fourth Appellate District, Division Three.

Attorney Thomas D. Mauriello has handled dozens of writs and appeals in California appellate courts in San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Francisco Counties and in Federal appeals courts. Mr. Mauriello previously served as a Panel Attorney handling appointed criminal appeals with Appellate Defenders, Inc. in San Diego. In addition, for many years he was a member of the Appellate Panel of the San Diego County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service. From 1988 through 1989, prior to entering law practice Mr. Mauriello served as a judicial clerk for The Honorable Robert E. Cowen, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia, PA and Trenton, NJ.

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