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Mauriello Law Firm is Investigating and Filing iCap Cases

October 2023

The Mauriello Law Firm is representing investors and investigating cases on behalf of investors who lost money due to investment-related misconduct relating to iCap. iCap is a real estate investment program that recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In re. iCap Enterprises, Inc. et al., Case No. 23-01243, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Washington.

The Mauriello Law Firm has been investigating iCap and has reviewed records related to its securities offerings and use of investor money. We believe that iCap was a highly risky investment and was not suitable for many investors, and that iCap had significant “red flags” or warning signs that should have alerted reasonably diligent investment professionals and firms who were evaluating whether to recommend iCap to their customers.

We believe that iCap investors may have claims for compensation against investment firms and investment advisors who recommended iCap. We welcome the opportunity to review the details of your investment in iCap and evaluate whether you may have a claim for compensation for your iCap losses. Our review and evaluation of your potential claim is free and without obligation. We typically handle such cases on a contingency basis, meaning that we do not charge legal fees unless we achieve a recovery for you, whether through settlement, arbitration award, or court judgment. We expect that these cases will be filed in the FINRA arbitration forum, which typically takes approximately 15-18 months to conclude (although each case is different).

This article is not an offer of legal representation. To determine whether we may offer representation, we must first evaluate that investor’s particular situation. Further, no prediction can be made about the outcome of a future case, and all comments in this article are opinions only. Our firm plans to associate with other law firms, with the client’s consent, to jointly represent the client and pursue these matters.

Please note that there are time limits for filing claims – called statutes of limitations. If you would like us to evaluate whether we are able to represent you and seek compensation for your iCap losses, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Tom, thank you for your all help. Among the three other attorneys I talked with, I chose you because you really listened, asked thoughtful questions and sought all information to understand my situation. That gave me confidence in you above all others. I am a believer in receiving feedback, so I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. If I come across anyone that is looking for counsel in this industry I will certainly refer them your way. Scott Yi, Securities Registered Representative
Thomas was very thorough, kind and truly cared about me and my case. He went above and beyond the call of duty. Every time I contacted him he me made me feel like a very important client. His skills, intelligence and demeanor lead to a victory in the courtroom! Susan De Diminicantanio
As a business development consultant, there have been times to which I am in need of counsel for the review and strategic advice a range of diversified employment and compensation packages. In this sense, Thomas Mauriello has been my trusted counsel, paying particular attention to the settle nuances the language and structure of contractual agreements, and rely heavily on his expert opinion as a plaintiff's lawyer! Emma Makinen, DOAP Kitchens, LLC
Our Family needed an attorney who was knowledgeable with FINRA and Tom proved to be very familiar with FINRA. We found him, trustworthy, thorough, honest and sympathetic during an emotionally stressful time with our Family. Annette Hellmich
I would recommend Mr. Mauriello highly - - to anyone - - - wish I had more friends in the area who need an attorney! He was extremely knowledgeable, timely, courteous, - AND - he won my case! Would call him again in an instant should the need arise. Nancy Brown